Lab escape

Run, before the scientists realize that something is missing.
This is your moment to become a true mutant.

  • 5k

    Mutant Kongz
  • .08

    Price Mint
  • TBA



3055, Derkein, A binary copy of an entire collection of 5k Kongz, created by multiple radiation mutation crossed with X genes, was inserted inside Ethereum Blockchain. To solve the mystery behind the experiments, we created a community called Mutant

5k unique
Mutant Kongz

Mutant Kongz is a collection of 5k generative arts with hundreds of elements living as NFTs on the blockchain.

Secondary Sale

203 properties


5 ultra rare Kongz


5k Kongz


10 layers



This was recovered from the D facility inside the Kongz Lab Corporation.


The community will receive giveaways of pieces of Ethereum, an effort to control the virus spread inside the Blockchain.


. Mutant Kongz Lab Decentraland Airdrops

. To continue to build the resources to find the cure for all mutations, we will create a Merch Store, to sell unique articles for fans of these mutants.


Some part of the secondary sales fully invested in the community wallet to promote community events, marketing and develop the roadmap.


Serum collection based on the cure of Kongz mutation. As we describe in details on the section antidote.

Join the community

Mutant Kongz is a collection of 5k generative arts with hundreds of elements living as NFTs on the blockchain.

Healing Antidote

With 100% achieved, we will create a serum NFT to cure mutants from our current collection. This token based on the number of binary Mutants, created on the first collection, will be the key asset for a brand-new collection of Kongz free of radiation.



  • Artist


  • Blockchain Developer


    Blockchain Developer
  • Marketing


  • F. Developer


    F. Developer
  • Product Designer


    Product Designer
  • Community Manager


    Community Manager


  • PhillyPhilly

    MKL Board
  • The_Janitor

    MKL Board


  • When is the official launch?
    Presale date: January 24th 11AM EST;
    Public sale date: January 25th 11AM EST;

  • What will be the price?
    The Mint Price will be 0.08ETH + Gas for each Mutant Kongz.

  • How do I get whitelisted?
    There are three ways to enter the whitelist:
    • ⦁ The first is by winning a raffle.
    • ⦁ The second is by interacting on the server and reaching the @Mutant Omega Ω level.
    • ⦁ The third is to be an @Mutant Alpha and be the example of the pack interacting on Discord.

  • How can I buy a Mutant Kongz?
    The official link will be on this page and on our official social networks

  • Where I will be able to see my Mutant Kongz?
    Once you have minted a Mutant Kong NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your wallet to OpenSea.

  • When is the Mutant Kongz reveal?
    The reveal date will be 48h after the public launch.